Food Plot Services:

Site Selection and Design

Mowing/Brush Hogging

Elimination of competitive vegetation

Soil Testing

Fertilizer/Lime (as needed)

Seed Preparation and Planting


​​​​Other Services available:

Consulting and Plans


Placement and Creating Sanctuaries

(Bedding and Cover grass)


Tree Stand and Blind Locations, Set Up

Camera Services

Tree Planting

*** Consultations available, travel fee + rate vary per job. Please contact us for further information​ or see pricing sheet listed below.

Genesis Outdoor Management

​​Each piece of property is different, what works for one piece of land may not work for another. After we come and look at your land we will put together a design and plan that works best for your particular piece of land. We will tailor our design and plans to your specific desires, and to a budget that you can afford.

We supply quality and premium products by:

Real World Wildlife Products

**We also sell seed and minerals by the mentioned companies.**

Contact us for availability and pricing. Online store coming soon.


We here at Genesis are a Total Land Management company. We provide all of the following services

 Consulting Prices

All Consultations begin with the client filling out a questionnaire so we have a basic idea of what your ideas and expectations are. Fill out the questionnaire and return with maps of the property. (Land owner is responsible for acquiring maps for the Basic and On-Site Consultations. The better the quality and size of the maps the easier it is for me to start evaluating the property before we arrive at your property.)

We can order maps of your property for you at an additional charge.

All plans include recommendations on food plots( if applicable) stand sites, sanctuaries, funnels, and other recommendations like creating bedding areas ect.

 On-Site Consultations - this plan consists of us coming to your property and walking it with you. While we are walking we will make notes on a map provided by the client. We will leave all of our notes and suggestions with you that day. We will not have a copy of the information to put on file for reference at a later date.

 Premier Consulting Package – This package includes everything in the above packages, but we will come home from your property sit down look at all of our notes, we will supply a Map of your property, with all recommendations and put them in a packet to send back to you, and we will also have on file, for any discussions that might take place in the future.

While we walk the property we will take notes and diagram the copies of your maps. We will locate stand or hunting blind and flag them with marking tape. It will be detailed even as to which side of the tree to hang the stand on. We will also mark any previous stand sites. We will evaluate the food plots on the property and or possibly lay out the food plot sites. We will evaluate the habitat on the property and set plans in place to improve the habitat and locate the sanctruary area. We will show you tips on making mock scrapes that work, how to hinge cut trees and steps that can be used to manipulate the deer's travel patterns to your advantage.

Prices are based on location, additional travel expenses and lodging may be extra.

Remember  when we evaluate your property and put a packet together for you, we are looking at it as if it were our property and this is the plan we would put in place to make it the best it can be. You may choose to make all of the changes at once or change it one step at a time.

 Food Plot Pricing

 Call for pricing. 

Every project is different, there exceptions to every rule. We will do a quote for each individual project we look at. Plus the cost of seed and other materials if needed. (Fertilizer, Lime, ect.)