​Soy Magnet Supplemental Feed

Soy Magnet is a nutrient rich product containing a minimum 42% protein and 5.5% fat. Like all Maximizer-Plus products, Soy Magnet contains Real Worlds exclusive Expect Healthy Deer Technology™ to keep your deer alive, healthy and productive.

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In states like ours here in Indiana where baiting is illegal, we can only use minerals is not allowed during the hunting season.  Food plots are a great alternative.  Some may say “I hunt on a farm that has agriculture all over it, or all around it, why do I need a food plot?” Ag fields are a great source of food. But, on average your standard Ag corn and soy beans are about 20-30% protein. A good quality food plot can be upwards of 50% protein. Believe me your wildlife will be able to tell the difference.

One advantage food plots have over baiting is bait only temporarily redirects deer movement. Once that bait is gone so is your deer movement. Food plots can create permanent travel patterns for deer from bedding to food and vice-versa. This can assist you on making it easier to pattern your deer movement, including those bucks we are all looking for.

Proper design of your property along with food plots, the sense of security for your deer, and proper hunting tactics can drastically increase your chances at that buck of a lifetime.

As deer season ends and bucks start to shed their antlers, and does are getting ready to drop their fawns there is not a better time to get those minerals out and start giving your heard what they need to stay healthy through the winter and get a jump start on the next year especially if you don’t have those late winter plots that will aid in providing the nutrition that your herd needs.

 As winter turns to spring, and fawns have hit the ground and bucks are on their way to growing the racks we are all looking for, good quality highly digestive mineral will continue to give your herd nutrition they need to

1.) Help your does produce milk for their fawns, improving the herd for the future, but also

2.) Give your bucks what they need to grow those big racks.

Use of mineral site where legal can be the cornerstone to not only adding inches of antler to your bucks, but increasing the overall health of your deer herd.