Our feed was designed by Real Worlds professional nutritionists and one of the country’s leading whitetail veterinarians to include every nutrient deer need to remain healthy and in top condition for maximum production. This mix includes protein, energy, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that bucks need to grow giant antlers and does need to produce healthy fawns. It also contains Real Worlds exclusive Expect Healthy Deer Technology with probiotics for maximum herd health. All of this at a price that blows away the competition!

Directions – provide deer with all of the Pro-Formula Plus complete feed that they want to consume. For best results use a gravity feeder or feed trough although a spin feeder can also be used or feed can simply be poured on the ground. Place feeders next to heavy cover where deer are likely to find it quickly. For best results provide feed to deer year round.

UPAND WILDLFE BLEND – Contains sunflowers, soybeans, sorghum, and millet.
For attracting pheasants, quail, turkeys, rabbits, song birds, and a wide variety of wildlife.  (Also known as an excellent deer attractant)        (Spring Planting)

​Maximizer Plus “Feed Concentrate”

Real Worlds’ Maximizer Plus Feed Concentrate was developed by our team of professional nutritionists working in cooperation with whitetail veterinarian Dr. Clifford Shipley from the University of Illinois. The goal was to develop a concentrated feed additive for captive deer farmers that would contain all of the minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients that a whitetail needs to thrive and maximize antler growth and fawn production. This product also contains Real World’s exclusive Expect Healthy Deer Technology® which helps to keep the deer herd healthy and productive.

​Maximizer Plus “Feed Supplement”

This high-protein, high-fat pelleted feed supplement contains Real Worlds exclusive Expect Healthy Deer Technology® to help your deer stay healthy and productive. This game-changing technology was developed by professional livestock nutritionists and has real science and years of testing behind it. 

​SOYBEANS – Contains a blend of 3 different soybeans; 2 different blends are available: Northern or Regular. Provide a high quality food source to deer on your property for the majority of the year.    (Spring Planting)

WHITETAIL HARVEST SALAD – Winter Oats, Winter Wheat and Austrian Winter Peas. Attracting deer into your plot for the entire hunting season, and into the following spring.
(Fall Planting)

Real World Wildlife Products

Plot Boost - Proprietary mix of complex carbohydrates, amino acids, and micro-nutrients not found in traditional fertilizers, which will allow plantings to reach maximum potential

BEDDING – IN –A –BAG – Select varieties of Indian Grass, Big Bluestem, and Switchgrass. A blend of native grasses that grow 6’ to 8’ tall and grows tremendous bedding cover quickly for whitetails and a host of other game species. 

Plot Start - A fast alternative to traditional ag lime, providing instantly soluble calcium to the soil and releasing neutralizing materials to change pH and supplement plant growth

​FALL PLOT TOPPER – Turnips, Radish, Sugar Beets, Rape & two different Brassicas.

(Fall Planting)

Genesis Outdoor Management

​Deer Gro

​MAXIMIZER DEER MINERAL – Contains over 20 nutrients in proper balance for increased antler growth, and fawn production. Includes an all-natural, anti-parasitic compound to help keep deer herd free of parasites. Readily consumed and draws deer to camera sites.


​Real World Wildlife Products has combined our two most popular fall-planted products into one and the results are … DEADLY! For several years our customers have planted both Harvest Salad and Plot Topper in the same plot with excellent results. Deer flock to these plots from the time the first plants sprout through the entire hunting season and well into the following spring. We took the hint and have combined these two popular products into a convenient ¼ acre bag, the perfect size for those small kill-plots.

Deadly Dozen includes the following plant species –

Winter Wheat,  Winter Hardy Oats, Rye Grain, Austrian Winter Peas,  Tillage Radish,   Purple Top Turnips,
Rape Plus,  Sugar Beets, Impact Forage Collards, Crimson Clover, Oil-Seed Radish       

Real World CUSTOM NATIVE GRASS BLENDS – Special native grasses and forb blends for CRP projects. 

​CLOVER & CHICORY – Varieties of seeds proven to be preferred by Whitetails
Planting along field edges or other open areas where you might need access to drive equipment or in fire-breaks around native grasses.

(Spring Planting)​

WHITETAIL FORAGE OATS – Makes a great early season plot that last well into the winter. Works well when planted alone or can be broadcast into standing soybean or corn for a double crop in the same plot.   (Fall Planting)

​SWITCHGRASS – Real World variety of Switchgrass note for standability and height. Planting straight switchgrass is a better option on wetter sites where other grasses don’t do as well. This grass will grow 7’ to 8’ tall.