In the meantime we continued on established projects and were able to get some Gen 2 Soybeans in the ground and growing 

2019 Highlights

​2015 Highlights

This deer in 2016 he has added a 9th point, and all kinds of junk on his bases

January we were right back at it taking care of business. As soon as one season ends we are preparing for the next one. 

Late winter calls for frost seeding and supplemental feeding and minerals for all of our properties and our clients. 

Ribcage 2021

2018 Season Started out with a BANG! Well actually a TWACK! As I was blessed to take my 1st Full Velvet Deer in the state of Kentucky, on what was by far the hottest hunt I have ever been on. Labor Day weekend and it was 106 degrees that day I harvested "Brows" But it is the beauty of September Openers you have a few days to catch them in Velvet and the are still on a summer feeding pattern..

Things settled down a little by the beginning of September, and we had drown our Montana Elk tag so we decided to make our trip west. Once again we were able to get on several Elk, but just couldn't seal the deal. But another fun trip none the less 

Clients and Friends with Full Draw Outdoors Joe, Shawn and Mike all had success in Southern Indiana

Pro-staffer Matt Malloch's son was able to harvest his 1st buck this year. We look forward to watching this youngster grow and become a vital member of our team

These are some examples of stand sets that we have on our personal farms, and well as some that we have set up on client farms that we manage.

With food plot work finished for the year, we prepared for our 2021 Elk Hunt. This year was going to be different. We didn't draw a tag for Montana like we had for the past 4 years. This year we decided to head to Colorado. Not only were we going to a new location, we were going to horseback in and be dropped off for 7 days. All we had is what we could carry. This would turn our to be one of the hardest hunts we have ever taken on. We were up for the Challenge and it is a good thing because this hunt taught us a lot about ourselves and what you can do if you stay in the game mentally and not give up. 

The mountain tested us every step of the way day after day. Camping at 10,500 ft. and hunting several days above 12,000 ft. was no easy task for a bunch of flat landers. But we took our time and accepted the challenge. We never really got into Elk which was very disappointing, but it is an experience none of us will ever forget. 

If you ever have any questions on what mineral to use..... Question answered Maximizer. This will make our 1st full year of using this product, and seeing is believing. Great for your deer herd, giving them the nutrients they need and the bone growth you want. If you think we are kidding around check out some of our deer below on our own personal lease. This product will not turn Dinks into Booners, and neither will any other product on the market, so don't be fooled. But this will get your deer to the Maximum Genetic Potential.

We couldn't be more happier the way these two areas turned out this year, especially for being areas that have never been touched before.

Back in Indiana we were excited to get the whitetail season underway. For the first time in several years we had a Giant to chase, but we would soon find out the good Lord had other plans. About 7 years ago I got consumed with a deer we dubbed "Touchdown" he has a Big main framed 8 probably in the upper 150's. He was all I could think about for 3 years as I chased him and could never catch up to him. I vowed at that point I would never do it again. in that time I lost focus on what is really important. 

Fast forward to 2020 and along comes "Ribcage" do to my mom passing I wasn't able to hunt him much and when he showed back up in 2021 here I was obsessed with one deer. But this was a deer everyone dreams about and just like that I lost focus and he was "the one". All summer I watched how I accessed the farm and put al little pressure on it as I could, and still keep an eye on him... He was not going to be easy to kill, due to the layout of the farm and having to wait on the perfect wind to try to get close to his core... I was able to hunt him 3 times before what was uncontrollable circumstances we lost access to the farm the first week on November. Devastated. From that point on I was not able to get on another mature buck in 2021, even though we had our opportunities on several nice young deer that just needed another year.

We found out and have reason to believe that "Ribcage" was harvested on a neighboring farm sometime later in the month of November

Mike's 2015 harvest 61/2 yr old, mature warrior

​Proof is in the Pudding

Pictures from one of our 2016 sping plot projects here in Southern Indiana. Real World Products. Soybeans, Wild Game Blend, Clover/Chicory Mix. 

Cleve's 2016 8pt. " Realtree Buck"

2021 Highlights

After wrapping things up in Ky, we headed out to "Big Sky Country" Montana for our what has become annual Public Land Elk and Mule Deer hunt... While we weren't successful with a harvest, we were blessed as always spending 10 days in the beautiful back county...

​2016 Management Project Photos

Before you know it you are right into fall planting season. We had several smaller projects where we couldn't access them with a tractor. The Plot Master really comes in handy for situations like this, and makes getting that Real World Deadly Dozen in the Ground

2018 Highlights

That was about the end of our excitement for the 2019 Season. While we did hunt some here in our home state of Indiana we struggled to find a mature whitetail to target. With some health issues in the family and me having to spend quite a but of time with my parents, and still feeling the effects of EHD in our area from a few years back we elected to eat tag at home as well and let our farm have another year to recover​

Late Winter and Spring lead into summer which means checking and maintaining clover plots for our clients and getting Real World Gen 2 Soybeans in the ground.

Summer is also the time we get projects like shooting houses and blinds put in ... ( who doesn't like doing this when it's 95 degrees outside)

2021 was not all doom and gloom. Pro-staffer Cleve Whittaker was able to harvest an awesome deer. Though Cleve no longer works with us we love seeing his success. Especially after getting married and having a beautiful baby girl this year. 

With the new project we took on knowing it was going to be marathon not a sprint. the soil was in bad shape and we were going to have to work hard through the spring and summer to start building it back up to have a chance to get a fall plot established.

2020....... How do you describe it. For us like so many others it was a tough year from beginning to end. Late winter and early spring are just like every year. Frost seeding and Feed and mineral work for all the farms we manage. 

Variety is the spice of life. On this project the client wanted standing corn in there plot, so we incorporated Real World Clover/Chicory blend around the corn to give the deer food all spring and summer until the corn was ready, and to keep the browse pressure off the corn.

Quick stop in the Badlands on the way home

Cleve's 2015 Spring Turkey Harvest

Mike's 2016 Buck. Blessed with his best Buck to date. 

From here the year got a little crazy on the personal side and we had a lot of things on our plate to take care. So we worked on the farms we currently manage, and did not take on any extra work due to all of the personal responsibilities we had at the time. By this time we had sold our house trying to get a new home built, living in an apartment and taking care of my parents. 

But for us Faith and Family will always come First

​Ribcage 2020

Cleve's Spring Thunder Chicken

Mike's nephew Luke got his very 1st buck.

2017 was a different type of year for the Genesis crew. We had several close encounters during turkey season, just didn't work out for some of us. 

We entered deer season with high expectations with several shooter deer on camera all summer long. A few team members just weren't able to get the stars to align and get the job done. 

Still a great season non the less and we are looking forward to shed hunting and keeping cameras running to start lining up the hit list for 2018.

​​​​2015 deer we called 8 ball, he was a straight 8

If you follow us on social media then you know that while we were in Montana my mom was put in the hospital, and never came back home. She passed on October 11th. This was a big blow to me personally and it took time for me to grasp the situation, needless to say hunting was the furthest thing from my mind. 

I did eventually get back in the timber around the middle of November, thinking it would be a good reset. Only to be quarantined for 2 weeks at the end of the month as Covid hit our household. 

One December 13th I was finally able to harvest a decent 4 yr old, not knowing he had a broken main beam until I found him. But it felt only fitting for the year we had. While this is not my biggest buck, it is one that is very special to me, and one that I will never forget.

​With all the plots in the ground for the season. We are ready for the annual pilgrimage West to chase Wapiti. Again another great trip, with several encounters just could not get a critter into comfortable and ethical bow range. 

But the Experiences and the sights you see are so worth the trip and effort put in try to get a tag filled. But when the overall success rate on a general tag is about 10% ( and that includes with a rifle) you definitely have to go in to the hunt with a positive attitude, and wit the proper mindset to work hard knowing there is a very good chance your eating a tag sandwich.

Look how vascular his antlers are....

Cleve's 2015 harvest "Mr. Perfect"

2020 Highlights

2021 for us like for most was a year that we were looking to rebound from a rough 2020. We started right where we left off, and as we always do getting the Real World Maximizer, and Maximizer Pro Feed Formula out to boost our clients herd health. We were able to settle back in and pick up a few new projects that we were excited to tackle for some new clients. 

2016 Highlights

2017 Highlights

Genesis Outdoor Management

Sometimes bigger is not better. Small, Narrow food plots are a dynamic way to make your deer feed and move in the direction that you want them to.

The Power of the Rut played into Mike's favor. He was able to harvest his biggest 8 pt. and highest scoring deer to date. (No pictures of this deer all year)

2017 Management Projects

As for our home state of Indiana we just were not able to get on that Big mature whitetail. It was a season of great encounters with a lot of 2 and 3 year old deer we just couldn't find the 4 or 5 year old deer that we like to target.... No Regrets !

Pro-staffer Matt Malloch was fortunate to take a great deer of his own 

Cleve as usual getting it done during spring turkey season. Kid is a turkey killin' machine

In August we were right back at it. Watching the weather and hoping for timely rain as we planted Real World Deadly Dozen and mixed in a few left over Gen 2 Soybeans....