2017 Management Projects

​2016 Management Project Photos

Deuce another Hit List Deer on Mike''s lease

Sometimes bigger is not better. Small, Narrow food plots are a dynamic way to make your deer feed and move in the direction that you want them to.

These are some examples of stand sets that we have on our personal farms, and well as some that we have set up on client farms that we manage.

The Early Years

Cleve's 172'" Deer Harvested on his Family's Farm 2011

Cleve's 2015 harvest "Mr. Perfect"

Mufasa one of the Hit List deer on the lease

​Proof is in the Pudding

Hit List Pics for 2015

​Eight Ball another deer that roams our Hallowed Grounds

This is the same deer in 2016 he has blown up with all kinds of junk on his bases

If you ever have any questions on what mineral to use..... Question answered Maximizer. Great for your deer herd, giving them the nutrients they need and the bone growth you want. If you think we are kidding around check out some of our deer below on our own personal lease. We started running Maximizer in early March.

Look at the blood lines in the antlers

Cleve's 2015 Spring Turkey Harvest

Pro-staffer Matt Malloch's son Colin was able to harvest his 1st buck this year. We look forward to watching this youngster grow and become a vital member of our team

Touchdown we have watched this deer mature for 3 yrs.

Pictures from one of our 2016 sping plot projects here in Southern Indiana. Real World Products. Soybeans, Wild Game Blend, Clover/Chicory Mix. 

​Deer that have caught our attention early in 2016

High and Tight he has been Touchdown's running buddy for 3 yrs

Some Equipment photos during some of our planting jobs thru 2016

We couldn't be more happier the way these two areas turned out this year, especially for being areas that have never been touched before.

This is a new deer we have this year we originally names Heavy D. He has since been renamed "The Boogie Man" he is very elusive and we aren't sure he is real.... LOL..

Mike's 2016 Buck. Blessed with his best Buck to date. 

2017 was a different type of year for the Genesis crew. We had several close encounters during turkey season, just didn't work out for some of us. 

We entered deer season with high expectations with several shooter deer on camera all summer long. A few team members just weren't able to get the stars to align and get the job done. 

Still a great season non the less and we are looking forward to shed hunting and keeping cameras running to start lining up the hit list for 2018.

​​​​2015 deer we called 8 ball, he was a straight 8

Cleve's 2016 8pt. " Realtree Buck"

Mike's 2015 harvest 61/2 yr old, mature warrior

Mike's nephew Luke got his very 1st buck.

Clients and Friends with Full Draw Outdoors Joe, Shawn and Mike all had success in Southern Indiana

Genesis Outdoor Management

Cleve's 2014 Archery Buck On his Family''s Farm

2016 Highlights

Pro-staffer Matt Malloch was fortunate to take a great deer of his own 

Mike's 2011 8pt, Public Land Harvest

Variety is the spice of life. On this project the client wanted standing corn in there plot, so we incorporated Real World Clover/Chicory blend around the corn to give the deer food all spring and summer until the corn was ready, and to keep the browse pressure off the corn.

​2015 Highlights

Cleve's Spring Thunder Chicken

Cleve as usual getting it done during spring turkey season. Kid is a turkey killin' machine

2017 Highlights

This is a deer we call " Paddles" he is a new visitor to the farm as well. Out of the big 3 he is the most visible on camera so far.

The Power of the Rut played into Mike's favor. He was able to harvest his biggest 8 pt. and highest scoring deer to date. (No pictures of this deer all year)